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How To Get A Perfect Sleep - 4 Relaxation Techniques

Are you having a bad time tossing around your bed? You may be going through stress and anxiety, sleep and rest is the best therapy!

Did you know there are many sleeping techniques for you to get a great way of letting your worries? After a day of work, we all need a good night sleep. There are many techniques out there, but here’s our pick of the best relaxation techniques from meditation, breathing exercise etc.

Below is the step-by-step process to get you started with these relaxation techniques for better and quality sleep:

1.    The Notebook technique 

If you are having parasitic thoughts that keeps your brain ticking at night, planning next day events etc. It can be a pain to get some good sleep, and thought is always one of the major problems that make it hard to fall off to sleep.

You can stop these by keeping a notebook by your side table. It takes only 5 minutes to list down the thing you need to remember or do the next day. Once you’re done, leave it next to your side table and you will get your weight of such anxious thoughts.

2.    Mental picture technique 

Imagination is a form of meditation, and if something’s disturbing your mind at night. Try this technique, the mental picture technique!

It simple, free and easy relaxation technique, all you need is just a deep imagination. Just close your eyes, imagine a place or event you want. Concentrate on where you want this place or event to be, dive into the scene, get into the details and relax at this most peaceful environment all by your imagination.

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3.    Bedtime routine 

A bedtime routine is not important just for kids. As adults, we keep on changing the way we live due to work and other activities in life. But, did you know bedtime routine is as important for us as it is for kids? Making your bed is a great relaxation technique which is called mental conditioning.

Now that we are grown up, it’s up to us how we decide on what’s beneficial for our sleep or health for that matter. That said, you can try meditating, take a warm shower, drink a glass of milk or put some herbal infusion in your room to get better sleep.

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4. Breathing technique 

This is a great technique to help you slow down your thoughts and distract your mind from negative thoughts. You can stop your mind racing by focusing on counting your breaths. Before you start this, exhale out all the negative air from your mind and your lungs.

Start with small breaths by breathing through your nose for 4 noses, then hold your breath for another 7 seconds and final breath that bad thoughts through your mouth.

Try this exercise 4 times and you should feel better and calmer and be prepared for your sleep. At first, it can hard, but try 4-5-7 breathing, it can be tricky but it will benefit by relaxing your muscles and peace of mind.