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How to Get The Best Tips for Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth is the condition in which the saliva inside the mouth does not form too much and thus the mouth gets dry which makes any person feel uncomfortable. Salvia is very important in the mouth because it makes the mouth clean and moistens. Top dentist in Delhi has said that salvia is also helpful for food digestion. If you have enough Salvia in your mouth then you will easily get your food digest without any discomfort.

The dry mouth can develop many problems like the formation of bacteria and fungi inside the mouth. Medically Dry mouth condition is known as Xerostomia which can be treated by several medical treatments as well as by some effective home remedies.

Causes of Dry Mouth

The Best Dentist in Delhi aware people from the dry mouth problems and make them knows about some of the main reason which results in the dry mouth so that they can avoid such situation to keep the mouth healthy. Dentist says that if a healthy mouth gives a healthy body. Here are some of the main factors which say that you are at high risk of having dry mouth. Check out:

Medicines: Many types of medicine can cause a dry mouth. However, this is a very common side effect of regular medicine takers which includes many types of prescription and nonprescription drugs. The medicine course related to antihistamines, depressions, acne, allergies, pain killers, obesity, anxiety, psychotic disorders, asthma, urinary infection, Parkinson's disease and many such medicines which makes the mouth dry.

Disease: Some serious infections and diseases can make the mouth dry and stop the formation of Salvia inside the mouth. Several medical conditions like diabetes, anemia,
HIV Aids, mumps, heart stroke and many more can be the cause of dry mouth.

Age: Dry mouth is also said to be a natural part and sign of aging. The senior citizens get more dry mouth than any other age group. The reason behind it that might they take lots of medicines at their older age which makes the mouth to be dry.

Cancer Treatment: Certain radiation therapy kills many tissues of the body which later fails to function properly. The neck and head therapy damage the salivary glands and it stops the formation of salvia in the mouth

Surgery: Serious injury and surgery also slow down the process of salivary glands and thus it stops or produces less salvia which is not enough to moist the mouth.

Smoking: Smoking and eating too much tobacco make the mouth to be dry.

Dehydration: lack of water level in the body makes your mouth dry.

Breathing: When someone breath open mouth then they have to struggle with the problem of dry mouth.

Symptoms of Dry Mouth

There are several symptoms which you will feel while having a dry mouth problem. Some of them are described here and if you feel any of them then visit the dentist to cure this problem. You will find the best dentist at the best dental clinic in Delhi. So, if you feel any such symptom then contact them to get treated as soon as possible.

Here are some of the symptoms:

• Feeling of sticky dry mouth.
• Wants to drink water frequently.
• Throat also feels like dry.
• Lips and inner lining of the cheeks get cracked due to dry mouth.
• Sores throat and the area inside your mouth
• The tongue gets burn due to dryness.
• The tongue becomes raw, dry and red.
• Having a problem while speaking or talking to someone.
• Getting trouble in the tasting, chewing or swallowing the food.
• The smell of the breath becomes bad.
• Dry nasal passage and Hoarseness.
• Fungal infection.
• The problem of tooth decay occurs along with gum disease problems.

Medical Treatment

Certain home remedies can treat the dry mouth but only if it has been chased at an early stage. If you feel that your problems are increased then take the help of the dentist. They will sure of your dry mouth problem from some of the following methods. Check out:

• Medicines are available to cure dry mouth.
• Dentists’ will stimulate salvia production from certain medicines.
• Fluoride based toothpaste
• Dentists suggest eating sugar-free liquid things that have natural water in it.

Final Words

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