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How to Know your Technique is in Trend of Digital Marketing

In this modern era of technology, if you want to go where the people are, you need to be active online. The influence of digital cyberspace has been strongly growing. So if you want to market your audience online, how should you do it? Are you ready with your digital marketing strategy of 2019? Don’t worry, here in this article we explore the best ways to ensure your brand stays on top of its digital marketing game this year.

1.Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: 

According to recent technology survey AI is considered a cutting edge technology. However, in the coming years, it may be as standard as smartphones are today. According to name, Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that can perform a task that normally requires human thinking & human intelligence. Many companies are using AI & MI to automate their work. Mastercard created a Facebook Messenger bot that uses natural language processing software to understand what their customer wants and respond to automate payment handling. 

2. Voice Search:

 According to Comscore, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be based on Voice Search. So, every business should focus on voice engine optimization. To do this every marketer should use a natural language to create content.  With the help of voice search, PayPal users can engage Siri to send money to friends, family or businesses. So, for all voice technology, you should remember to write conversationally, focusing on featured snippets and keywords which users can speak rather than typing.

3. Video Marketing: 

Video marketing is one of the most important marketing trends today and likely for the next 6-12 years. Video is the most popular way customers want to learn more about your products & services. If your website includes videos related to your services or products, then there are more chances to get the first-page spot in Google search result pages. Because videos help to improve SEO.


4. Automated Replies:

 From business websites to mobile apps and social media newsfeeds we see chatbots. They can serve multiple purposes however they help users to answer simple questions or help them to accomplish a simple task. Many brands including chatbots technology to offer outstanding customer service, meeting customer’s expectations & automating the same task so that they can focus more on important work. Pizza Hut’s chatbot communicates with customers, making it easier for them to order pizza via their mobile app, Facebook Messenger. 

5. Influencer Marketing:

 This strategy is deliberated at specific target groups of people, to begin with. It focuses on certain influential people to advertise their products to their respective followers. Here, the advertiser targets some potential users, especially on Youtube & Instagram, and pays them to advertise on the brand’s behalf. Influencers can be celebrities, personalities with a huge following on Youtube or Instagram, who can help share some thoughts about your business or product through their social media channels.

This year is a Digital Marketing year to look forward to. With the help of these new trends of digital marketing, there are several ways to attract more potential customers to your business and help them to achieve their business goals. So, comment below which strategies are you planning to implement in the coming year?