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Everyone wants to be the best in himself, although the definition of being the best changes from person to person. Being the best doesn’t mean that you are absolutely perfect and are superior to the people around you. It is all about feeling good about yourself, feeling confident in the deeds he does & is able to face the world with no fear.

Being the best is not something very difficult to be achieved, it just takes a few steps to get to your best you can ever be.

1.    Work on Yourself

Most of the people try to work and change things around be it jobs, regular daily activities or anything. Rather than this, just try working on yourself. Assess yourself and understand what are the things that you need to work upon in yourself that would make you a better person as compared to what you are right now. Changing scenarios is not in your hand but working & improving yourself is definitely is.

2. Step out of your Zone

To be the best and learned version of yourself you need to constantly put yourself into circumstances others can only dream of. The tough situations make you bold and improve you in ways you cannot even think of. So, stepping out of your comfort zone, doing things that seem difficult or even impossible too will help you get the best out of you with the days passing by.

3.    Not Copy People

The biggest mistake one can ever do is to try and copy people to become the best in the way they are. It’s is absolutely fine to be impressed with people’s aura but trying to become them is a big No, No! So, try not to copy people, but try to make them do it so that you know you are on the right track of becoming the best without losing the individuality you have that has attracted people to follow you.


4.    Don’t hate the Process

So, when you try something new especially that is going to change you drastically, the process takes time. The time & discomfort arising can be less or it can be unimaginably a lot. But Stay in Love with the Procedure. Don’t hate the things happening around you, it may look difficult & stupid that time but the results will be worth the wait & pain you had to deal with. So, just trust what’s happening & move forward happy & satisfied. The more problematic the procedure will be, it will make the aftermath much more relaxing & worthy.

5.    Don’t forget the purpose

When in mid of the process, don’t ever Forget Why You're Doing This. Why are you going through all of the things happening to you? Why did you even agreed to do all of this? All these things if remembered will help you to keep your focus aligned towards the goal and will help you realise lots of realities within the move. Sometimes things happen around too fast that it deviates you and resulting in you forgetting the motive of it all starting in the first place. So, keep the goal alive in yourself & try not to forget the purpose of doing it all. Don't lose your hold on the visions of the past rather just move forward toward it.

Becoming the best will never be satisfying enough for your life with what you've done. It's will be all about continuously refining who you are.

Realising that success will come as you know who you are and what you stand for.
It will be all about initiating, continuously forming conditions that compel you to become better than you currently are. Purging yourself of all your faultiness. Growing.

This is your journey. Take it & get the best you out of it.

Author: Mahima Arora