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Travelling on a budget, daunting enough?

But everyone deserves a getaway without creating a hole in their bank account, Right?

Being a doesn't call for winning a lottery or being a wealthy person or a drug dealer. Following these tips & tricks will help you have the time of your life without worrying about going over budget:

1. Be Flexible

If you are flexible with your dates of travel, you might save a lot of money. Seasonality of travel should be kept in mind. An off-peak season for a place can be a perfect time to travel to some other country. With a little planning well in advance can let you shield a lot of funds that you can invest in your trip later.

2. Cost

Try sufficing things so that cost can be cut down. While booking a hotel, book a place that provides complimentary meals with it. Try checking the foreign exchange rates and plan for the place where you would pay for the least. These small efforts can avoid you from being indebted at the end of your vacation.

3. Collecting memories not worldly things

Instead of bringing materialistic stuff back try bringing the treasured experience which worth a million bucks for you. Having an amazing experience over the overrated materialistic articles will make you have astounding memories and save a lot of bucks on your trip.

4. Book in Advance

Planning your trip prior and booking in advance will get you amazing deals that will let you save a lot. Prices do rise as time gets closer to your so you can save on by booking hotels, conveyance and tours a lot prior to the dates of your travel.


5. Use your Social Network

Having a friend who moved to France or Australia? Does your distant uncle live in some other country? Have a giant family spread across the globe? Reach them out, this not only provides an opportunity to find free accommodation but helps to create the familiarity of with the residents and they can even help you have a better experience in that place by the understanding they have of the place. This is a great move to build closer connections with people around the globe while saving you some more.


Mahima Arora, 
An MBA student at IMT Nagpur, working as a content writer & digital marketer at Digit Bazar. Fond of Dancing, Sketching & trying something new whenever possible. Use to expound on some social and business significant issues for instructive knowledge.