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How to Increase you Immunity Naturally?

                          Easy Tips & tricks to be healthy 


Immunity is a intricate defensive system of our body against dangerous peripheral influences.
The immune system of our body helps us in making a protective shield of a network of cells, tissues & organs that fight against all the infectious & harmful organisms that can affect our health adversely.

The weakening of the immune system leads to a greater susceptibility to various infections (respiratory system infection, herpes and fungal infections). A long-term weakened immune system is a risk factor for malignant diseases.

Modern, fast-paced way of life, unhealthy diet, inadequate exercise and absence of rest result in weakened immunity. By promoting healthy living practices and cautious selection of products that have enough scientific verification, today we can contribute to the protection forces of the organism. By stimulating the inherent immune mechanisms, we can reduce the risk of repeated infections, both in children and adults.

1.    Don’t Smoke and if you do - 'Stop Immediately'

Best way to increase your immunity is to not consume health detrimental products. A cigarette is one of the most health detrimental products and the only thing you do to your body is lowering lungs performance, weakening the immune system and destroying nerve tissues.

2.    Rich and Healthy Diet

There are many systems in our body, working in a synchronized manner along with organs. Every system and every organ needs distinct nutrition. Consume a rich diet, full of different nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc.

3.    Zero Stress

It is difficult to avoid stress in this dynamic world but tries not to have an impact of stress on your mental health. Read motivational books to boost up your moral and you can always pursue yoga as yoga can really be beneficial for reducing stress.

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4.    Adequate Sleep

There is a proper clock in our brain. It helps in triggering the sense that when our body needs sleep and it also shows different symptoms which means that our body needs sleep, like yawning a lot (to get extra oxygen), dark circles, hair fall, and many more. Get adequate sleep for the proper functioning of this clock.

5.    Maintaining Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight actually helps you to lead a less-stress lifestyle. Carrying extra weight around makes your body to get exhausted easily. To maintain proper body weight, you can get your BMI Index checked and then regulate your weight accordingly.

Author: Mahima Arora