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How Computers Are Important In The Field Of Education?

How Computers Are Important In The Field Of Education?

We are living in the technological era where the use of the computer is very high. Not only kids also elders use computers and other technological devices in their daily life. A computer has changed everyone's life. More than 90% of people use computers which made their life easy and flexible. A computer is considered the best gift from the technology and if it not used in the proper way it will become a curse to humans. So it up to us whether we have to use it in a positive way or in a negative way. If we take the computer in the educational field, it really helped to enhance the learning process as well as a teaching process. In olden days computers not much used in the classroom and educational institutions but now as everything changed more than 80% school use computer in the classroom which makes educational process more interesting and attractive. Now schools and colleges have become digitalized and smart classrooms are formed in every school. The use of technological devices and the internet are growing nowadays. We can see the influence of the internet and computers in every field. It made our work easy and it helped to do things in one single click.


Now in the small class itself, students are getting some knowledge related to the basic skills of computers. When they get basic skills in smaller age they can grasp it easily and effectively. Future is the technology-based one so if they get training in smaller age they can easily understand the computerized knowledge without much effort and without wasting their time and energy. The computer offers all kind of help and facility which will encourage student's creative thoughts and make them expert in operating computers.

Encourages creativity of students

By using computers they can develop creative thoughts and writings. In primary sections, students can use a computer to draw pictures and do coloring which will encourage their drawing skills and also there are some educational related games like puzzles, games related to color identifying, games related to math's etc if students use such applications it will make their learning skill better. Students can select their language if they want to type in English or in Hindi or in any language they select according to that. If we take higher studies computers attached to the internet will give students real-life experience. They can create their own blog and sites through which they can publish their writing and they will be evaluated by others. They can share their opinion and thoughts so such facility will really give a boost to the students learning skills and also encourages students to do some new thing and achieve their goal.

Positive effect on student's performance

Research shows that the student who has a personal computer will perform better than other students who don't have computers. The student who has a computer will involve in their studies and works they will be more focused than others. If they get any kind of seminar and assignment they will show their interest in doing that work by refereeing in the computers. They will perform better and acquire a good grade in academicals performance.

Good relation with the teacher

If they have computers and know how to use it then the teacher can form a group and have a chat with students. They can discuss topics and syllabus and also ask doubts related particular topic. If a student is not able to ask directly because of hesitation or shyness they can ask through group chat and teacher can clarify the doubt which will boost the confidence among students and also will help to understand each individual's thoughts and their perception related to subject and studies. Teachers can post-seminar topics assignments topics and also homework online. Students can submit homework through online so our studies will be eco-friendly and we don't need to destroy our nature. If they get the project they can do research about the topic and by reading and understanding they can submit project before deadline's in every sense computer is a blessing for students.


Enhance teaching quality

Not only the student, teacher can also be benefitted by the use of computers. The teacher can adopt new techniques and methods to present their lessons in a different way. The teacher can show movies videos which are related to particular topics. Then the class will be more alert and students will show their interest to studies and also towards particular subjects. If the topic is a tough teacher can present it through computers when they get the real-life experience they understand the subject matter easily and clearly.


When we discuss the advantages there are disadvantages too. We have to give importance to those sides. When the teacher uses computers in the classroom some may concentrate but some may divert from the subject. So the teacher must be alert while taking the class by using computers. Parents usually get upset when their child use computers they feel whether they are chatting or gossiping with their friends but parents can block such apps and make sure that computers are used for educational purpose only. So every individual must be focused on studies and never get divert from the studies. Self-control must be maintained while using computers. I think computers are really a blessing to this generation because it helped to enhance and develop our education to a different extent. It helped to spread education all over the world.
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