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It is a fact that there are numerous clinics running that offers Hair transplantation surgery in India. But most of them are unable to offer the dedicated service which is required to make the procedure successfully.

Thus, the individuals who are looking out for the best hair transplant results in Delhi needs to be much selective. So, one needs to find the highly experienced hair transplant surgeon in their area. One does not need to blindly trust the doctor as the hair restoration cannot be corrected. So, this is the highly daunting task.

But as said, nothing is impossible so for finding the best transplantation surgeon, one need to follow a checklist for finding the top hair surgeons in Delhi. Make sure that the surgeons qualify all the list of the criteria. Radiance Cosmedic center comes under top 10 transplantation clinic in Delhi.

Checklist for selecting the best hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi: 

Check the professional Qualification:

The first thing you need to ensure is the qualification of the doctor. As the hair restoration is a cosmetic surgery so the skills and expertise are necessary to be checked. Only a cosmetic surgeon who has M Ch degree in plastic surgery are allowed to do the procedure. Any kind of physician is not allowed to perform the surgery.

Check Experience:

Another important thing to be judged by the best hair transplant surgeon is his/her experience. Check how much experience the surgeon has in providing the restoration of the hair.

Expertise in Performing latest Hair restoration technique:

Primarily there are two kinds of techniques which the surgeons used to follow i.e. FUT or FUE, so it is necessary to check that the surgeon you are opting has the experience in providing these techniques. Not only the surgeons but the staffs too need to be experienced in the procedure.

Check aesthetic skills of the surgeon:

The hair transplant surgeon, you are opting needs to have the aesthetic skills for placing the graft as per the patient age, sex and face. It has been said that the hair transplantation surgery is mostly artistic and rest is the experience which can only be performed by the surgeon.

The reputation of the clinic:

This is one of the most vital aspects which need not be avoided while you are finding the clinic for the hair restoration. It is important the clinic has the reputation of its patients.


All the criteria mentioned above help you in finding the right clinic. The Radiance Cosmedic Centre is the one prominent clinic in Delhi which offer the best results. The costing of natural hair transplant in Delhi is quite low so, you do need to be much tensed about the budget.